Observations on factors affecting attraction and oviposition preferences of the millet head miner Heliocheilus albipunctella to pearl millet panicles uri icon


  • The most suitable growth stage (30, 50 and 100% panicle stage, flowering and dough-filling stage) of pearl millet cultivars 3/4HK, MBH110, ICMV IS 89305 and Chalakh for the oviposition of gravid female head miners (H. albipunctella) was determined in multi- and no-choice tests. Alongside this, the oviposition preference of the pest given the choice of whole plants or methanol extracts of pearl millet panicles, leaves and stems, and sorghum panicles. Oviposition of the head miner was highest during the 30% panicle extension stage of the crop in both multi- and no-choice tests. The number of eggs deposited by the pest was highest in whole plants and filter paper treated with extracts of pearl millet panicles

publication date

  • 2004