ICMR 98001: a restorer stock of A5 cytoplasmic-nuclear male sterility in pearl millet uri icon


  • ICMR 98001 pearl millet (Ponnisolum giaucum) restorer stock isa highly mate-fertile inbred line in the A, cytoplasmic background. This line was developed at ICRISAT, Patancheru, India from one of the several pollen-fertile plants identified in a topcross hybrid produced by crossing Large-seeded Genepool-1 (LSGP-1) developed at ICRISAT. Patancheru (Rai et al. 1999) with male-iK" c no 81 A: inal eossesses I'v:- A: oyloe asm. LSGP 1 was developed by random mating 959 large-seeded (>10 g 1000-seed mass) gcrmplasm accessions from 23 countries (Rai et al. 1999). The line 81 Aswas developed by seven generations of backcrossing of a d? dwarf maintainer line 81B (Anand Kumar et al. 1984) into the As male-sterility-inducing cytoplasm identified from one of the 67 pollen-sterile plants of LSGP-1 (Rai and Rao 1998)

publication date

  • 2003