Pearl millet male-sterile population NCD2A4 and its counterpart maintainer population NCD2B4 uri icon


  • The pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) population NCD2B4 is a d2 dwarf population developed as a maintainer of the A4 cytoplasmic-nuclear male-sterility system (Hanna 1989). NCD2A4 is the male-sterile counterpart of NCD2B4 in the A4 cytoplasmic background. Both populations were developed at ICRISAT, Patancheru, India. NCD2B4 was derived from NCD2 by three cycles of recurrent selection for male-sterility maintenance ability of male-sterile line 81 A4(Rai et al. 2000). In each cycle, 123 to 392 plants of NCD2 were selfed as well as testcrossed onto 81A4; of these, 76 to 131 testcrosses that were fully male-sterile were selected. In each cycle, S, progenies of the NCD2 plants that produced these male-sterile testcross hybrids were recombined by hand to produce the seed of the next cycle bulk. The frequency of male-sterile testcrosses increased from 36% for the C0 cycle to 88% for the C| and 100% for the C2 cycle. The NCD, Cj bulk produced by recombining 116 S( progenies of those plants from NCD2 C2 that produced fully male-sterile testcross progenies was designated as NCD2B4 maintainer population

publication date

  • 2003