Modeling pigeonpea phenology uri icon


  • Phenological observations were conducted during 7 years (1988 to 1994) on 14 early-maturing pigeon pea genotypes at three different locations (ICRISAT, Andhra Pradesh, India; Hissar, Haryana, India: and El Reno, Oklahoma, USA). Models of rates of vegetative and reproductive development of pigeon pea, as affected by temperature and photoperiod, were developed for the three locations and tested with the published controlled environment experimental data. The dependence of the rates of development on temperature were linear and contained two parameters. The relationships of rates of both vegetative and reproductive rates of development with photoperiod were nonlinear with five parameters, one of which was a function of location. All of these parameters can be determined by a routine optimizing procedure for any other location. The analysis showed that interactions between two major factors of pigeon pea development, temperature and photoperiod, are essential and are to be accounted for in the model

publication date

  • 2002