Conjuctive Use of Water Resource Technology and Extension in Improving Productivity of Rainfed Farming: An Experienceat Lalatora, Madhya Pradesh, India uri icon


  • Although Vertisols and associated soils in Lalatora, Madhya Pradesh, India are a productive group ofsoils, these soils have several constraints to high agricultural productivity. Low cropping intensity,waterlogging during the rainy season, and lack of farmers? inability to use modern technology are themajor constraints. On-farm studies made during 1999?2001 showed that use of improved varieties ofcrops such as soybean and chickpea along with improved water harvesting and nutrient management(including application of micronutrients) and integrated pest management significantly increased cropproductivity and income of the farmers. There is a need to further test the package of practices forimproving productivity and farm income

publication date

  • 2001