Impact of pigeonpea research in enhancing sugarcane production in Thailand:Socioeconomic Policy Program. Working Paper Series no.9 uri icon


  • Impact of pigeonpea research in enhancing sugarcane production in Thailand. This assessment studywas undertaken by the Thailand DOA in collaboration with ICRISAT to assess the contribution ofpigeonpea as a green manuring crop in specific locations of Thailand-Khon Kaen and Udon Thani.The adoption of green manuring pigeonpea in sugarcane production from 1996 was estimated at 3.7%of the study area, covering an area of 4400 ha. It is expected that the ceiling level of adoption willreach 15% of the study area in the year 2004, covering an area of 18000 ha. Green manuringpigeonpea has the potential of reducing the use of chemical fertilizer in sugarcane production. Itsubstitutes for IS-IS-IS NPK fertilizer at the rate of 312.5 kg ha¬∑ t ? In comparison with the chemicalfertilizer application at that rate, green manuring pigeonpea reduces unit cost by 4.3-8.4 %. By usingthe ceiling level of adoption of 15%, the net present value of benefits accruing to the study area isapproximately 60-115 million baht, representing art internal rate of return of 65-82%. This study alsoprovides lessons for future research and developm!"nt policy. -

publication date

  • 2001