Effect of pollen and DNA source on RFLP pattern of mitochondrial DNA in pearl millet uri icon


  • In this study, RFLP banding patterns based on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) for the open-pollinated (OP) seed were identical to those based on mtDNA from sibbed seed of pearl millet. This clearly indicated that OP and sibbed seed can be used for mtDNA-RFLP analysis with equal reliability. In all four enzyme-probe combinations tested, RFLP banding patterns were identical from total DNA (tDNA) and mtDNA Southern blots. The only difference observed was that bands appeared hazy and their resolution was reduced when tDNA was used. A few bands with very similar molecular weights appeared fused, resulting in thick hazy bands when digested tDNA was used in place of digested mtDNA

publication date

  • 2001