Total factor productivity of rice-wheat cropping systems in India - the role of legumes uri icon


  • During the past three decades, the rice-wheat cropping systems (RWCS)in India significantly contributed to enhancing food grain production andachieving food self-sufficiency and food security. The production systemnow is under threat due to stagnating or declining total factorproductivity. Legumes can play a significant role in enhancing the factorproductivity of this most important and productive production system inthe country. Ironically, rice and wheat have replaced the principallegumes over a period of time. With the availability of high-yielding andshort-duration varieties of important legumes, there is a need toincorporate them in RWCS to improve the sustainability of the system soas to meet future food grain demands without degradation of the naturalresource base

publication date

  • 2000