Research and development priorities for legumes and legume-based cropping systems in the Indo-Gangetic Plain uri icon


  • In this chapter, attempts have been made to synthesize, in summaryform, the major recommendations presented in the previous chaptersand discussed during the workshop. Although, for the convenience ofclassification, warm season and cool season legumes have beendifferentiated in the previous chapters, henceforth both groups areconsidered in unison. There are similar trends and constraints in bothgroups and they are indeed merging in terms of their adaptation anddistribution, due to development of genotypes of wider adaptationthan traditional landraces and with less sensitivity to environmentalfactors such as photoperiod and temperature.There is a need to substantially reverse the overall negative trendsfor legumes area and productivity in the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP).Development of sustainable cropping systems requires reintroductionof legumes in cereal dominated cropping systems, and cropdiversification generally. Food legumes are complementary to, ratherthan competitive wi th, cereal crops in both the cropping system andthe human diet. Suggestions for progress are discussed. But progresswill ultimately depend on formation of multidisciplinary working groups implementing focused research and development (R&D)endeavors. The major requirement is for an integrated approach toR&D and associated policy issues

publication date

  • 2000