Plant Nutrient Contribution by Rainfall in the Highly Industrialized Highly Industrialized and Polluted Patancheru Area in Andhra Pradesh uri icon


  • Rainwater contains nutrients and can, in a low-input situation, constitute an importantnutrient source for crop production. During 1981-90, rainwater was collected using standardizedcollection procedures at tbree different locations at ICRISAT, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh.Samples were analysed for N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg and Na. Ion concentrations were low and variedfrom year to year. The mean pH was 7.05. Because the locations were close to each other, therewas no significant. variation in tbe composition of rainwater among tbe locations. There werenegative correlations between the amount of rainfall and the chemical parameters. Phosphoruswas positively correlated witb N, K, S, Ca, Mg and Na. Patancheru is highly industrialized andits atmosphere will have a bearing on the composition of rainwater. Sulphur fertilizer responseexperiments should not be carried out at tbis location. On an average, rainfall at this locationcontributes, per hectare, 5.8 kg N, 0.4 kg P, 4.8 kg S, 1.7 kg Ca, 1.7 kg Mg and 10.5 kg Na. Theincrease in N, P and S contribution was higher during 1986-90 than in 1981-85

publication date

  • 2000