On-farm Benefits of ICRISAT's Chickpea Cultivars in Gujarat uri icon


  • Results of a 1995 study undertaken with 158 farmers from ten villages in Gujarat who had participated in on-farm trials with three improved chickpea cultivars (ICCC 4, ICCV 2 and ICCV 10) are presented. The economics of the three cultivars are evaluated and their performance is compared with that of local cultivars. Yield, price premium profit, unit cost of production and marketable surplus indicators were used to assess the on-farm benefits derived from adopting the ICRISAT cultivars. Results indicate that all three improved cultivars provide higher yield, higher profit and lower unit cost of production over local cultivars. Price premium is a particular advantage for ICCV 2. Other benefits derived from adopting the ICRISAT cultivars were a higher marketable surplus resulting in higher disposable income for the farmer, and increased food security

publication date

  • 1998