Random Amplified Microsatellite Polymorphism (RAMPO) Analysis of Chickpea Accessions uri icon


  • DNA was isolated from 4 cultivated Cicer arietinum accessions and one wild C. echinospermum accession using the CTAB method. RAPD analysis with 12 primers revealed 424 amplified DNA bands. The wild species produced a maximum of 34 polymorphic bands, while all cultivars except ICCV92504 produced 2 or 3 polymorphic bands. RAMPO analysis of these accessions using microsatellite probes revealed amplified bands not visible on ethidium (homidium) bromide-stained gel. Combination of RAPD analysis and probing with microsatellite repeats (TG)10, (GATA)4 and (CAC)5 revealed polymorphic and genotype-specific unique DNA banding patterns. Thus, all 5 chickpea accessions could be distinguished using RAMPO

publication date

  • 1998