Striga hermonthica Infection of Wild Pennisetum Germplasm is Related to Time of Flowering and Downy Mildew Incidence uri icon


  • Two hundred and seventy five wild P. glaucum subsp. monodii and subsp. stenostachyum (pearl millet) accessions were assessed for resistance to Striga hermonthica in Mali. Plots were artificially infested with S. hermonthica. Incidence of downy mildew (Sclerospora graminicola) infection was also assessed. Striga hermonthica emergence was lower on earlier flowering accessions and accessions with a high incidence of Sclerospora graminicola infection. Therefore, selection for Striga hermonthica resistance could be confounded by the relationships between Striga hermonthica emergence with flowering date and Sclerospora graminicola incidence. However, 54 entries were identified that had lower observed Striga hermonthica occurrence than the predicted value, based on days to flowering and Sclerospora graminicola incidence

publication date

  • 1998