Helicoverpa armigera Incidence in Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.) at Kiboko, Kenya uri icon


  • Twenty-three high-yielding finger millet genotypes were evaluated in field trials at Kiboko, Kenya, during 1994. H. armigera incidence in the different genotypes was recorded. H. armigera incidence ranged from 8% in IE46 to 37% in Nagaikuro. Twelve genotypes had <15% H. armigera-damaged panicles. The timing of flowering appeared to influence H. armigera incidence. Compact-panicle genotypes suffered greater damage than genotypes with loose fingers. As H. armigera is difficult to control chemically, it is concluded that crop improvement programmes must focus on selecting genotypes with low susceptibility to this pest

publication date

  • 1998