Development of Cultivars and Seed Production Techniques in Sorghum and Pearl Millet uri icon


  • Sorghum and pear l millet are impor tant coarse-grain cereals in the dry agr icul tural areas of the arid andsemi -ar id t ropics. In both crops, varieties (open-pol l inated and highly heterogenous/heterozygous typesin pearl millet and homozygous/homogenous types in sorghum) and hybrids (based on cytoplasmic-geni cmale sterility) have been produced and adopted by farmers. The development of parental mater ials andtheir use in cultivar development and seed product ion of new varieties requi res speci f ic skills. Wi th theaim of impar t ing such skills, a t raining course was organized for scientists and technicians f rom Asia andAf r ica at the Internat ional Crops Research Institute for the Semi -Ar id Tropics ( ICRISAT) , India, f rom 6to 17 Mar 1995

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  • 1997