Mechanism of resistance to Heterodera cajani in Cajanus platycarpus accessions uri icon


  • Invasion of second-stage juveniles of Heterodera cajani was much quicker in the roots of the susceptible C. cajan genotype ICPL 87 than in the susceptible and resistant genotypes of C. platycarpus. In pot experiments, within 48 h, 16 juveniles were in the roots of ICPL 87 and less than 3 in the roots of ICPW 543, ICPW 544, ICPW 545 and ICPW 63. The nematode invasion continued to be greater in the roots of ICPL 87 than in the roots of other genotypes. In ICPW 63 (susceptible check) the nematode increased sharply after 3 days of inoculation. The 3 resistant genotypes differed in their response, and nematode invasion in the roots of ICPW 543 within 48 h was twice as much as in the roots of ICPW 544 and ICPW 545. Pre- and post-infectional factors affecting resistance are discussed

publication date

  • 1997