Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschn.): A Potential Biocontrol Agent for Groundnut Leafminer uri icon


  • Several dead groundnut leafminer (GLM; Aproaerema modicella) larvae infected by fungus were observed in the field at Patancheru, India, during the 1996 groundnut cropping season. The fungus was isolated and multiplied on potato dextrose agar. When healthy final instar GLM larvae collected from the field were sprayed with the conidial suspension under laboratory conditions, larvae died within 24 h and sporulation began on the 7th day. The fungus was identified as M. anisopliae. The fungus was mass multiplied in 7 days on sterilized, broken sorghum grain at 25°C. It is suggested that M. anisopliae could be used as an effective biocontrol agent in future integrated groundnut pest management programmes

publication date

  • 1997