Dry Season Survival of Groundnut Volunteer Plants and Ground Keepers (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Central Malawi uri icon


  • During an initial survey in August 1996, 21 fields out of a random sample of 104 harvested groundnut fields within a 30-km radius around Chitedze, central Malawi, were found to have ground keepers and groundnut volunteer plants. In each of these fields, the number of groundnut plants was counted in a centrally-located sample area of 0.1 ha every 2-3 weeks between August and November 1996, and the condition and growth stage of each plant and the presence of aphids (Aphis craccivora) was noted. Densities of volunteer plants decreased from 662 plants/ha in early August to 57 plants/ha at the end of November, while the density of ground keepers decreased from 69 to 3 plants/ha in the same period. Growth stage of volunteer plants ranged from the 2-leaf-stage to the flowering stage. Volunteers that developed early in the dry season were more vigorous than those that germinated at a later date. No rosette symptoms were observed on volunteers or ground keepers during the study, but volunteers harboured some small aphid colonies in 3 fields

publication date

  • 1997