Occurrence of Groundnut Aphids (Aphis craccivora Koch) and Rosette Disease in Irrigated Dry Season Groundnut in Central Malawi uri icon


  • Populations of Aphis craccivora and incidence of rosette disease (caused by groundnut rosette umbravirus) were recorded on 37 plots sown with groundnut cv. Malimba at 5 locations in central Malawi in August-November 1996. Aphids were first recorded during the last week of October in 29% of the fields, when the crop was at the flowering stage, but aphid populations disappeared 2 weeks later. Aphid infestation ranged from 6 to 32%. Crop growth was satisfactory at all locations and rosette symptoms were not observed. It is concluded that rosette disease is not harboured by alternative hosts during the dry season in central Malawi

publication date

  • 1997