Crop Residues in Sustainable Mixed Crop/Livestock Farming Systems uri icon


  • While livestock are the most obvious users of crop residues, we should notforget that these resources may also play important alternative or complementaryroles in sustaining future crop production by conserving soil moisture, preventingerosion and increasing soil organic matter content. They may also provide a rangeof products important in rural areas, such as fuel and thatch.In this workshop a multidisciplinary systems approach was used to investigatethe use of crop residues to improve the productivity and sustainability of mixedcrop/livestock farming systems. Seventy-two scientists from 33 countries, six continentsand a wide range of disciplines came together to review past work, reportnew results and strengthen links at both personal and institutional levels.These proceedings are an important source of information for animal and cropscientists working on the challenges of feeding the developing world's rapidly risinglivestock population and improving the productivity of its agriculture. It ishoped that, by collaborating more closely, these scientists wi l l be able to developthe innovative approaches and new technologies needed in the next century

publication date

  • 1997