Groundnut Virus Diseases in Africa Summary and recommendations of the Sixth Meeting of the International Working Group 18 - 19 Mar 1996, Agricultural Research Council, Plant Protection Research Institute, Pretoria,South Africa uri icon


  • The International Working Group Meeting on groundnut viruses in Africa reviewed progress made on thedetection, identification, characterization, and management of groundnut viruses in Africa, with specialemphasis on rosette and clump viruses. Country representatives summarized the status of research ongroundnut viruses in their countries. In order to accomplish integrated management of rosette and clumpvirus diseases, it was agreed that consolidated efforts should be made to understand their epidemiology.Among the important aspects discussed were the provision of diagnostic aids and training in the identificationand detection of viruses for the national agricultural research systems in Africa, and strengtheningof laboratory facilities.Scientists from Burkina Faso, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, and from Belgium,Germany, India, UK, and USA attended the meeting, which was the first gathering of so many plantvirologists in South Africa

publication date

  • 1997