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  • Sorghum and pearl millet are unique in size and diversity. The largest collectionscontain 40,570 (U.S. sorghum collection) and21,191 (ICR1SATpearl millet collection)accessions. Less than three percent of these accessions have been used in crop improvement.Curation? or acquisition, maintenance, characterization, and utilization?playsa role in exploitation o f the genetic variation within these collections.Cultivation of sorghum andpearl millet is increasing the use of marginal agriculturalland. Future utilization will depend on increased research on abiotic and biotic stresstolerance. To facilitate exploitation o f this vast germplasm, traditional and biotechnicalmethods must be combined to provide better understanding of the genetic variationavailable, which then can be used in crop enhancement. This can only be accomplishedthrough sharing of ideas, particularly through creation of an arena where informationis globally accessible

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  • 1996