A world list of chickpea and pigeonpea pathogens uri icon


  • Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) are mandate pulses ofICRISAT. The first world list of chickpea and pigeonpea pathogens was published in 1978(ICRISAT Pulse Pathology Progress Report-3) and was revised in 1980 (ICRISAT PulsePathology Progress Report-8), in 1984 (ICRISAT Pulse Pathology Progress Report-32), andin 1989 (ICRISAT Legumes Pathology Progress Report-7).This comprehensive list contains information available as of December 1995 and hasbeen prepared mainly from published reports and observations by ICRISAT researchersand cooperators. Pathogens (fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma, and nematodes)and their global distribution are listed. The occurrence of the pathogens in 1978 and 1995 isbriefly reviewed. Common names for the diseases of chickpea and pigeonpea are alsogiven

publication date

  • 1996