Adoption of Improved Cultivars of Pearl Millet in an Arid Environment: Straw Yield and Quality Considerations in Western Rajasthan uri icon


  • The role of straw yield and quality in farmers' decisions about the adoption of pearl millet cultivars in western Rajasthan was examined using farm household surveys. Information on the relative importance of grain versus straw yield, the perceived risks associated with the use of new cultivars under variable climatic conditions and perceptions of straw quality indicated that improved cultivars of pearl millet were not adopted primarily because of poor grain yield in years with low rainfall, though poor straw yield in such years was also important. These results are particularly pertinent in the light of farmers' perceptions of the likelihood of experiencing drought or low rainfall. If new cultivars of pearl millet are to replace the traditional ones, they must perform better under conditions of limited rainfall

publication date

  • 1996