Use of the West African pearl millet landrace Iniadi in cultivar development uri icon


  • Plant breeders generally use elite germplasm that has demonstrated its potential in terms of superior farmer-acceptable products and as good parents in breeding programmes. In pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) Iniadi, an early maturing and productive landrace from West Africa, has been exceptionally useful in both its transferability and its parental worth in breeding programmes in widely different geographic locations. Available information on the distribution, agronomic features and germplasm collections available is described. The use of Iniadi in cultivar development in India, West and Central Africa, southern and eastern Africa and the USA also is described. Although the use of Iniadi germplasm has contributed extensively to the genetic improvement of pearl millet, it does not appear to have created situations of potential genetic vulnerability. The information provided here demonstrates the value and impact of germplasm collections in pearl millet improvement

publication date

  • 1996