Comparisons of Abiotic Constraints to Chickpea Production in WANA and SAT uri icon


  • 'rhe nlajor objective of this sccti~rils to sumrnarizr abiotic constraintsaffecting chickpea produc:tion ilc.ross the WANA region. 'l'hesr ronstraintswill be compared with thost* in the SAT. For this purpose, thcchickpea-growing regions of Sot~thA sia will be corrsidcrt-d as rcprrsentativcof' SAT cnvironmcnts, although it is rccogni~edth ut the c:royis grown, but to a much lesser cxtcnt, in ottrcr SA'T envirnnmt*nts suchas in Australia, Mcxico, and eastern Africa. 'Thesc constraints will thenbe prioritized in terms of yield loss and potcrrtial fi)r allcviatiun, on thebasis of current knowledge. Ways of appropriately mapping theseconstraints using geagraptlic informstion systctns (GIs) technologywill also be considered. I t is intended that these efforts will assist inthe formulation of relevant research agendas aimrd at allcviatlon ofthe stresses, with rational allocation of tasks hztwccn national agriculturalresearch systcrns (NARS) and internationill agriculttiral rcsearchcenters (IAHC:)

publication date

  • 1996