Evaluation of Blanching Quality in Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L ..) uri icon


  • Thirty five Spanish and 46 Virginia groundnut genotypes, grown in the 1992 rainy season and the 1992/1993 post-rainy season at the ICRISAT Asia Center, were evaluated for their blanching quality. Blanching, which primarily involves removal of the testa, is a major step in processing groundnuts for many edible end products. Preheating the seed samples at 200°C for 8 min, followed by blanching for 2 min at 15 psi air pressure, gave satisfactory results. There was a large variation in total blanchability within Spanish (10.8-90.6%) and Virginia (8.6-86.7%) genotypes. Some samples with high blanchability had high proportions of blanched split seeds. The effects of growing season on various blanching quality parameters were more pronounced in the Virginia genotypes than in the Spanish genotypes

publication date

  • 1996