Exploring Novel Cropping Options for Pigeonpea in Chittagong District, Bangladesh. II. Adaptation to Hilly Areas uri icon


  • In a field experiment at Hathazari, Bangladesh, 8 short-, 20 medium- and 2 long-duration pigeonpea cultivars were sown on 16 May or 20 June 1989. With the exception of a few cultivars, delaying sowing did not significantly affect seed yield. Short-duration cv. ICPL 83024 produced the highest yield of 112 g/m², followed by medium-duration cv. ICPL 8863 (94 g/m²) and ICPL 270 (92 g/m²). In another trial, 10 short-duration pigeonpea cultivars were sown on 9 July 1991 (during a break in the monsoon season). The highest yielding cultivars were ICPL 85045 (101 g/m²), Manak (100 g/m²), and ICPL 151 (99 g/m²)

publication date

  • 1996