Maintenance of Chickpea Viruses in Tissue Culture uri icon


  • The use of callus cultures for maintenance of phloem-limited viruses of chickpea was studied with plants showing stunt-like symptoms. The plants were initially tested by DAS-ELISA using antisera to chickpea chlorotic dwarf monogeminivirus (CCDV) and chickpea luteovirus (CpLV). The explants were cultured in medium. Shoots and callus were subcultured at 4-week intervals. In transmission studies, vectors were given an acquisition feeding period of 24 h for the leafhopper Orosius orientalis on callus positive for CCDV and the aphid Myzus persicae on callus positive for CpLV and then released onto healthy chickpea seedlings for inoculation feeding of 48 h. Both viruses were detected in shoots and callus cultures 4 and 8 weeks after initial culture, respectively. The potential value of tissue culture for studying the biology of phloem-limited viruses of chickpea is discussed

publication date

  • 1996