Smut reaction of pearl millet hybrids affected by fertility restoration and genetic resistance of parental lines uri icon


  • Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) hybrids based on the A1 cytoplasmic-nuclear male-sterile (CMS) lines are more susceptible to smut (Tolyposporium penicillariae Bref.) than open-pollinated varieties. Seventy eight pairs of hybrids, made onto male-sterile (A) lines and their counterpart maintainer (B) lines, were evaluated to examine the effects of male sterility and genetic resistance of parental lines on the smut severity of hybrids. The A-line hybrids had higher smut severity and lower selfed seedset than the counterpart B-line hybrids, indicating that it is the CMS-mediated male sterility rather than the A1 cytoplasm per se that caused greater smut severity of A-line hybrids. However, with the use of resistant parental lines even male-sterile hybrids of A-lines, in several cases, were as resistant as some of the highly resistant male-fertile hybrids of B-lines. It would be possible to produce smut resistant hybrids (< 10%="" severity)On a-lines, albeit in low frequency, even if only one parent of a hybrid were resistant

publication date

  • 1996