Prospects for Growing Extra-short-duration Pigeonpea in Rotation with Winter Crops Proceedings of the Workshop and Monitoring Tour 16-18 Oct 1995 uri icon


  • Short-durat ion pigeonpea varieties have helped establish a new pigeonpea-wheat cropping system in the northwestern plains of India. However, because wheat sowing is of ten delayed in this rotat ion, extra-short-duration genotypes that will mature 10-15 days earlier than short-duration ones are being developed. To consider the prospects for their adoption, the Indian Agricultural Research Institute and the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics joint ly hosted a workshop in New Delhi, India. Participants from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and SriLanka reviewed the status of pigeonpea in cropping systems of the region and discussed four broad areas in relation to extra-short-duration pigeonpea: improving plant type; improving management; extension and demonstrations; and cropping systems, seed production, and socioeconomic issues. The workshop was followed by a monitoring tour of on-farm trials of the new genotypes (mainly ICPL 85010) in nearby districts of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana

publication date

  • 1996