Registration of Pigeonpea Germplasm Line ICF 9145 Resistant to Fusarium Wilt uri icon


  • The pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) germplasm line ICP9145 (PI583777), which is resistant to fusarium wilt (Fusarium udum), was released by ICRISAT in 1993, and released for general cultivation in Malawi in 1987 where the local farmers named it Nandola Wa Nsawawa. It is the first wilt-resistant pigeon pea cultivar released in Africa and is currently estimated to be grown on 20% of the 30?000 ha under pigeon pea cultivation in Malawi. ICP9145 was originally collected as a landrace in Kenya. In trials conducted at 20 locations in India, Kenya and Malawi for 1-7 seasons between 1980-81 and 1992-93, wilt incidence in ICP9145 ranged from 0 to 73% and averaged 29%, compared with an average of 83% in the susceptible line ICP2376. Plants of ICP9145 are compact, of indeterminate growth habit and tall (215 cm). Seeds are large (100-seed weight of 15.6 g)

publication date

  • 1995