A Role For Icrisat In Enhancing And Maintaining Genetic Resources On-Farm uri icon


  • CGIAR centers have made a major global contribution to ex situ conservation of crop geneticresources. Some centers have also made detailedsocio-anthropologicaIstudies ofmanda'te cropsin traditional farmingsystems and, more recently, farmerparticipatory research is becoming part ofcrop irnprovementprograrns. Centers can expand these studies to develop strategies for on-farmconservation in close collaboration will) nalional agricultural research and extension systems,NGOs and farmers. A specific role for ICRISAT is firmly based on its locations in centers of cropdiversity and traditional agriculture; its complement of experienced crop scientists and extensivedatabases; ils capacityto analyzegenetic, environmental, andgenotypexenvironmentinteractionsas determinants of crop productivity; its close relalionships with netionalprograms; anditsgrowinginvolvement in farn~erparticipato ry research, The expertise and experience of lCt7lSA Tand otherCGlAR centers can make a major contribution to the dynamic conservation, enhancement andutilization of agrobiodiversity on-farm for tl~bee nefits of farmers and global foodproduct/on

publication date

  • 1995