Registration of ICPM 93006, ICPM 93007, and ICPM 93008, Three Short-Duration Genetic Male-Sterile Parental Lines of Pigeonpea uri icon


  • Released in 1994, these short-duration, male-sterile parental lines of pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) (PI586684 to PI586686, respectively) are noted for the stable nature of their male sterility. They have been used extensively in the development of hybrids, including the World's first pigeon pea hybrid ICPH8, developed using ICPM93006 as the female parent, and IPH732, developed using ICPM93008 as the female parent. ICPM93006 (determinate) and ICPM93007 (indeterminate) were developed by transferring the recessive male-sterile gene ms1 from the medium-duration, indeterminate, male-sterile stock MS3A through backcrossing to the short-duration, determinate cv. Prabhat. ICPM93008, with indeterminate growth habit, was developed by backcrossing MS3A to the indeterminate short-duration cv. T21

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  • 1995

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