Screening methods and sources of resistance to rust and late leaf spot of groundnut. Information Bulletin no. 47 uri icon


  • Rust and late leaf spot are the most serious fungal diseases of groundnut worldwide, and can cause severe yield losses,particularly when they occur together. This Bulletin describes simple and effective field screening methods to identifygenotypes with resistance to these diseases. Production of inoculum, sowing and inoculation of test genotypes, and diseaseassessment in the field, using a 1-9 scale, are discussed. These methods were used dUring 1977-89 to evaluate ICRISAT'sworld collection of over 12 000 groundnut accessions. Several reliable sources of resistance to rust and/or late leaf spotwere identified, and are listed here-124 lines resistant to rust, 54 lines resistant to late leaf spot, and 29 lines withcombined resistance. An extensive bibliography is also presented, for those who require more detailed information onspecific aspects of the diseases

publication date

  • 1995