Trichodorus reduncus sp. n. and Tylenchorhynchus (Divittus) dispersus sp. n. associated with groundnut in Vietnam uri icon


  • Trichodorus reduncus sp. nov. and Tylenchorhynchus (Divittus) dispersus sp. nov. isolated from soil samples collected from groundnut fields in Nghe An Province of Vietnam is described and illustrated. T. reduncus is recognized by males having 36-40 µm long onchiostyle, three ventromedian cervical papillae between nerve ring and excretory pore, 30-33 µm long spicules and gubernaculum 14-15 µm long with dorsally recurved proximal region which lies in between the spicules when seen laterally. The females have 0.62-0.72 mm long body, 37-40 µm long onchiostyle, vulva at 55-57 percent of body, vaginal sclerotization appearing round to roughly triangular pieces in lateral view and almost terminal caudal pores. T. (D.) dispersus is close to T. (D.) divittatus but differs from it in having a longer (18-20 µm) stylet, female tail with a subterminal depression on its dorsal side, longer (22.0-24.5 µm) spicules and phasmids located anterior to the middle of the tail

publication date

  • 1995