Genetics of soybean-Heterodera glycines system uri icon


  • Genetics of resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN), Heterodera glycines Ichinohe is very complex. Crosses involving PI 437654, which is resistant to all races of cyst nematodes with other sources of resistance (Peking, PI 88788, and PI 90763) indicated that resistance to race 3 was controlled by four genes, two of which were dominant resistance genes and the other two were recessive resistance genes. For race 5, a four gene model with two recessive and two dominant resistance genes in epistasis has been proposed. For race 14, the results suggested a three gene model with one dominant and two recessive alleles. Several other plant introductions have been isolated which have different genes conditioning resistance. Most of the currently grown soybean varieties derived resistance from Peking and/or PI 88788. Resistance to SCN in these soybean varieties has broken down because of the emergence of several new races and populations of SCN. The use of PI 437654 or Hartwig and other plant introductions with different genes for resistance will broaden genetic diversity and stabilize yield

publication date

  • 1995