Life table for Heterodera cajani on pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) uri icon


  • Heterodera cajani is an important nematode pest of pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan. A life table for H. cajani was developed on pigeonpea at 25 oc. Mortality rates of H. cajani life stages were very high during egg and J2 stages prior to root penetration. Mortality of subsequent Iife stages was low and virtually constant. Egg laying began on the 23rd day and stopped on the 31 st day after the start of the cohort. Mean generation rime was 26.9 days and net reproductive rate 15.5 times per generation. The true intrinsic rate (rm ) was 0.102, and the first few days of egg laying contributed more to the value of rm than did other age intervals. Assuming a finite rate of natural increase, H. cajani popwation would mwtiply 1.107 times a day, and double itself in about 7 days

publication date

  • 1995