Multi-environment Testing for Reduced Incidence ofPeanut Bud Necrosis Disease in India uri icon


  • Forty groundnut genotypes were tested for field resistance (reduced incidence) to peanut bud necrosis disease during 3 years at four locations in India. The 40 genotypes weregrouped into seven clusters using the average linkage cluster analysis. Clusters 1 and 2 contained highly susceptible genotypes (JL 24 and TMV 2). Susceptible to moderately susceptible genotypes formed clusters 3,4, and 5. Cluster 6 represented 29 fairly resistant genotypes, and cluster 7 had the most resistant genotypes (ICGV 86430, 2192- 8(50), and2169-5(9)). Genotype x environment interaction variance was significant but small. Thefield resistance of the genotypes studied was equally effective in all environments. Selection in any of these environments is possible, but is more effective in environments which are favorable for disease development

publication date

  • 1995