Host Races of Meloidogyne javanica, with Preliminary Evidence that the 'Groundnut Race' is Widely Distributed in India uri icon


  • Root-knot disease caused by Meloidogyne spp is the most important nematode disease of groundnut. The causal agents are Meloidogyne arenaria, M. javanica, M. hapla, and M. incognita. Meloidogyne arenaria Race 1 is the most widespread and destructive of the groundnut root-knot nematodes; M. hapla is also important, particularly in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Virginia (USA), northern China, and Australia. Meloidogyne javanica is not a common pathogen of groundnut. According to differential host tests in North Carolina, M. javanica has only one distinct host race. It reproduces on tobacco, watermelon, and tomato but does not commonly reproduce on cotton, pepper, and groundnut; however, a few populations can reproduce on pepper, and a very few on groundnut (Hart-man and Sasser 1985)

publication date

  • 1995