Identification of Sources of Resistance to Bacterial Wilt in Groundnut Germplasm Under Southern Vietnamese Conditions uri icon


  • In the 1993-94 winter-spring season, 73 germplasm lines from Indonesia and a local cultivar Ly were screened for resistance to bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas solanacearum) in southern Vietnam. Some 22 lines with less than 15% wilt incidence were selected for a replicated trial during the 1994 autumn season, after which 13 germplasm lines were finally selected for a replicated trial during the 1994-95 winter-spring season. All 13 genotypes were of the subspecies fastigiata var. vulgaris with small to medium sized pods and tan coloured seeds. The average disease incidence in the 13 selected cultivars ranged from 0.2 to 7.7% in ICG8666 and ICG8637, respectively, compared to 52.7% in the susceptible control Chico and 32.1% in Ly

publication date

  • 1995