Comparison of Whole-Plant and Detached-Leaf Methods for Studying Components of Rust Resistance in Groundnut uri icon


  • Some 40 Puccinia arachidis resistant groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) genotypes and one susceptible cultivar were compared for 5 disease components using whole-plant and detached leaf methods. The 2 methods did not differ significantly for incubation period, lesion diameter and sporulation index, but differed significantly for infection frequency and percentage of leaf area damaged. The incubation period was similar in 29 (71%) genotypes using both methods. In the remaining 11 genotypes, minor differences in incubation period were observed between the methods. ICG7296 displayed a large variation in incubation period (19 days in the whole-plant method vs. 9 days in the detached-leaf method). The genotypes were grouped into clusters for similar disease components. In both screening methods, the largest group had 15 genotypes with longer incubation periods and lower sporulation index than the overall mean. Correlations among the components of rust resistance (except for infection frequency and sporulation index) in each method were very similar in both direction and magnitude

publication date

  • 1995