Genetic manipulation of crop plants to enhance integrated nutrient management in cropping systems? 1. Phosphorus: proceedings of an FAO-ICRISAT Expert Consultancy Workshop 15?18 Mar 1994 uri icon


  • This Workshop forms part of an overall endeavor to establish a global consortium of researchersfocusing their efforts on improving the ability of crop plants to acquire phosphorus, particularly throughsources from which it is only sparingly available. These sources include bound forms of soil phosphorusand such fertilizers or amendments as rock phosphate. This volume explains the overall proceduresfollowed, presents the formal papers prepared for the Workshop, and highlights the outcome of thedeliberations in the form of a preliminary draft proposal for a global project. A background paper coversthe possibilities of favorably manipulating phosphorus acquisition, which include modifying rootabsorption area by improving rooting characteristics or mycorrhizal associations, manipulating ionabsorption mechanisms, and modifying the rhizosphere through root exudations or effects ofmicroorganisms. Position papers prepared by invited specialists examine in detail the prospects forfavorable manipulation of specific components of phosphorus acquisition. During the Workshop,research areas with prospects for impact on agriculture in the medium term were identified andappropriate outputs and activities proposed. The promising research areas chosen were modification ofroot morphology, manipulation of root exudates, enhancement of mycorrhizal effects through cropmanagement practices, and optimization of cropping systems approaches. The Workshop laid thefoundation for subsequent activities of formulating detailed project proposals and soliciting supportfrom potential donors for the proposed global consortium

publication date

  • 1995