Panicle insect pests of sorghum and pearl millet:proceedings of an International Consultative Workshop4-7 Oct 1993 ICRISAT Sahelian CenterNiamey, Niger uri icon


  • This workshop brought together national and international scientists from 12 countries to assess the economic importance of panicle-feeding insect pests of sorghum and pearl millet worldwide and review existing knowledge; provide concise and up-to-date information on current research on management tactics; develop research themes and priorities for their management in various cropping systems and agroecologies; and develop/strengthen linkages and enhance collaboration and partnership between international agricultural research systems, universities, and NARS, in order to achieve more effective technology transfer, resulting in increased and sustained productivity on farmers' fields. The sessions covered bioecology and crop losses, and management strategies (including host-plant resistance, crop management and biological control, and integrated pest management). Regional reports were presented from western, eastern, and southern Africa, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere. Discussions of working groups and recommendations are included. Presentations are reproduced in the original language of submission (English/French), followed by an extended swnmary in French/English as the case may be. The opening session addresses, objectives, discussions at the end ofeach session, general discussion session, and recommendations are in both languages

publication date

  • 1995