Registration of Nine Sorghum Lines with Resistance to Sorghum Midge: ICSV 692, ICSV 730, ICSV 731, ICSV 736, ICSV 739, ICSV 744, ICSV 745, and ICSV 748 uri icon


  • Information on origin, pedigree, agronomic characters, yield potential and percentage damage due to sorghum midge (Contarinia sorghicola) is tabulated for these 9 lines (PI576123 to PI576131) selected for resistance in the F2 to F5 under the infester row technique at Patancheru and at Dharwad (Karnataka). Selected lines were tested using the headcage (no-choice) technique over several seasons. The lines are diverse in plant height (74-282 cm), days to 50% anthesis (59-81 days) and 1000-grain weight (18-31 g).Over 5-10 seasons of testing at Patancheru, the lines gave midge damage ratings (DRs) of 2.9-3.8 under natural infection and 2.2-4.3 under no-choice headcage testing, compared with respective values of 8.4 and 9.0 for the commercial hybrid CSH1 (where 1 = 80% spikelets damaged). Across 4 test locations in India, the lines had DRs of 2.3-3.9, compared with 8.4 for CSH1. They have also shown stability for resistance to midge in Australia, Africa (except Kenya) and Central America

publication date

  • 1994