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  • There have heen four major reviews of thc literature discussing the insects living on groundnut plants sincc 1973 (Feakin, 1973; Smith and Barfield. 1982; Wightman cr ul., 1990; Gahukar, 1992). Thcre are also several morecoricisc accounts dealing with pcst problcms in gcncral (e.g. Wightman andAmin, 1988; Wightman ci ul., 1989; Lynch and Douce, 1992), specifictopics, such as host plant resistance (Lynch, 1990). and discrete geographicalzones such as India (Amin, 198$), developed countries (Biddlc er al.,1992) and southern Africa (Wightman, 1988a; 1989; Sohati andSithanantham, 1990; Sithanantham et al., 1990). Feakin (1973), Rcdlingerand Davis (1982), Dick (1987a.b) and Wightman et al. (19%)) providedctails of the inscct pest problems associated with stored groundnut andtheir m;inagcmcnt in developed and developing countries. There is littlemore to add to what has already bccn recorded about the post-harvestpests of groundnut - thc lirnitcd covcrage given to them in this chaptershould not he taken as an indication that they lack importance. Thus,although the gcncral litcraturc up to 20 ycars ago was somewhat sparse(despitc the publication of a large body of information in primary sources).there have sincc been attempts to redrcss the situation

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  • 1994