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  • Developed by pedigree selection from the cross ICPX74092 (ICP6997/Prabhat), this early maturing short-statured Cajanus cajan variety (PI564587) produced 10% greater yields over 5 years of testing than control variety UPAS120 in the North West Hills Zone and 54% greater yields in the Central Zone of India. In Hisar and Gwalior, Haryana, ICPL151 yielded between 2 and 4 t/ha. In pigeopea-wheat crop rotations in the Gwalior district, its yields were 12% higher than those of UPAS120. ICPL151 matures on average 127 days after sowing in the Central Zone and 147 days after sowing in the North Zone. Its seeds are large, round and cream-coloured; 100-seed weight averages 10.8 g. ICPL151 has field resistance to sterility mosaic disease

publication date

  • 1994