Habitat site selection, crop damage and oviposition preference byContesta( =Haimbachia) ignefusalis(Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) uri icon


  • Studies were conducted during 1986?1988 to investigate habitat site selection, evaluate damage, and study the oviposition preference of Coniesta ignefusalis (Hampson) on natural and artificial substrates to improve rearing and management techniques. Millet grain weight was negatively correlated with numbers of stem?borer larval exit and entrance holes. Numbers of diapausing larvae and borer larval holes were positively correlated with the location of internodes on millet stems. Survival of C. ignefusalisin dry millet stems is significant when stems were stacked as practised by farmers. C. ignefusalistemaie oviposition occurred mostly within leaf sheaths of green millet plants, rarely on green or dry leaves, and seldom on dry millet stems. Paper substrates rarely received eggs when offered to females in association with green millet stems with attached leaf sheath. The implications of our findings for IPM of C. ignefusalis are discussed

publication date

  • 1994