Effect of Host Age and Intercropping on Parasitization of Clavigralla gibbosa Eggs by Gryon sp uri icon


  • Laboratory studies showed that females of Gryon sp. successfully oviposited in eggs of Clavigralla gibbosa which were less than 3 days old. The effect of intercropping on parasitization of eggs of C. gibbosa was studied in a pigeon pea/cotton intercrop during 1994 in Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India. Pigeon pea cv. ICPL 87119 was either intercropped with 2 cotton cvs. (NHH 44 and PA 32) or was grown alone. A significantly greater percentage of eggs of C. gibbosa was parasitized in the sole pigeon pea crop than in either cotton intercrop

publication date

  • 1994