Germplasm Enhancement for Seed-quality Traits in Groundnut uri icon


  • Some 46 phenotypically uniform varieties derived from various crosses, along with their parental lines, were compared for yield and seed quality characteristics during 2 post-rainy seasons (1990/91 and 1991/92). Seven varieties, ICGVs 90298, 90301, 90307, 90308, 90310, 90312 and 90324, produced mean pod yields of >3 t/ha, an increase of 11 to 110% compared to the parental lines. They also had a greater 100-seed weight, and oleic/linoleic acid ratios were similar or better than the parental lines. ICGV90307 had a mean pod yield of 3.89 t/ha, with a 100-seed weight of 82 g and oleic/linoleic acid ratio of 1.58. There was significant positive heterosis for pods/plant and pod weight/plant in several crosses, while for pod length/width ratio, seed length/width ratio and 100-seed weight there was significant positive and negative heterosis over the better parent. Pods/plant and pod weight/plant were controlled by non-additive genetic variances, while pod and seed characteristics were predominantly controlled by additive gene effects

publication date

  • 1994